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      Considering Country Living

      We’ve all been growing accustomed to ‘social distancing’ in our daily lives this year but some home buyers are taking it a step further and physically distancing themselves from their neighbours. Calgary is a geographically… Read More

      Rollercoaster Q2 ends on high note

      For the past 10 years in Calgary, the number of house & condo sales per month rises from January through the spring months, peaking in either May or June. Every year. Then comes 2020. January,… Read More

      Chaparral ticks all the boxes

      Happy Canada Day to you all! Here’s hoping you all have a chance to get out and celebrate our wonderful country in some unique way today – even without the crowds and fireworks this year.  We… Read More

      To Scope or Not to Scope

      Thanks to Jeremy Cook from On The Money Home Inspections for the guest blog! More and more, we are seeing buyers do a sewer scope on top of their regular home inspection. Jeremy outlines some… Read More